"Traitors have no place here."



So many mages spend time pouring over old scrolls and texts, but the real magic is right in front of us. Lela has allowed herself to become more in tune with her wild side. Though not an actual werewolf, it’s def her aesthetic. Animals take well to her, and are happy to feed her tidbits of information from the landscape as needed. Generally a friendly face, she’s known for her unparalleled loyalty. Not a pushover by any means, this mage has shown that she can stand toe-to-toe with any other.

Essential Information

  • Legal Name: Lela
  • Moniker: Luna
  • Classification: Mage
  • Primary School of Magic: School of Life
  • Rank: Disciple
  • Profession: Bartender
  • Concept: Strength of the Wolf is the Pack

Fun Facts

  • Distinctive Features: Occasionally glowing eyes. Amazing hair.
  • Notable Abilities: Shapeshifting. Animal Communication.
  • Titles: Advisor at The Hidden Opal.
  • Relationship Status: Unknown
  • Aura: The smell of crisp leaves and soft earth, the faint hint of wet dog.

Concept Music

Wolf” by Tungevaag & Raaban

“Breath by breath I run four thousand miles
Pumping blood, adrenaline deep inside
’Cause when your conscious starts to crumble
In the city of the jungle
And the holy choir mumbles

(Now is the time, time, time, time)
To howl like the wolf that you are
So howl like the wolf that you are"

Luna’s Swag

  • TBD


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