She is one of the only Veil mages to be named after a deity in history. Channeling powers from a source of warfare, and from the deity herself, she’s certainly a force to be reckoned with. Though normally she teaches at the Hidden Topaz, she’s currently spending some extra time at the Hidden Opal teaching her nephew.

Essential Information

  • Legal Name: May
  • Moniker: Morrígan
  • Classification: Mage
  • Primary School of Magic: School of the Veil
  • Rank: Master
  • Profession: Unknown
  • Concept: The Morrígan

Fun Facts

  • Distinctive Features: Glasses.
  • Notable Abilities: Conjured Crows. Demon Conjuration. War Mentality. Sword Conjuration.
  • Titles: Advisor at The Hidden Opal.
  • Relationship Status: Unknown
  • Aura: TBD

Concept Music


Morrígan’s Swag

  • Badb (Familiar)
  • Glasses


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