Hot. Sorry. There should be something more here. But, seriously, did you see him? I don’t care what you’re type is, he gets a reaction. Pictures of him don’t do him justice, but something about him just…mmf. The fact that he’s kind, smells like flowers, and literally heals people just adds insult to injury. Totally unfair.

Essential Information

  • Legal Name: Shaylan
  • Moniker: Prime
  • Classification: Mage
  • Primary School of Magic: School of Life
  • Rank: Master
  • Profession: Horticulturist
  • Concept: Spring/Vitality incarnate

Fun Facts

  • Distinctive Features: Smells like flowers. Stirs all loins.
  • Notable Abilities: Flora manipulation. Enhanced Physical Characteristics. Healing.
  • Titles: Life Master on the Council of Crystal Colleges
  • Relationship Status: Who cares as long as you get a turn?
  • Aura: Spring is in the air, filling your senses with soft sunlight and the smell of the legit best garden ever. And, man, does he look fine right now. I bet he could…SEX!

Concept Music


Prime’s Swag

  • TBD


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