"Magic is just science we don't understand yet."



Booksmart is putting it lightly. She’s read everything on everything. From cars to quantum physics, from forgotten runic languages to modern astrology. It’s all under her belt, and if by chance it somehow isn’t, she’ll amend that quickly. Despite being focused on the path of greatness and discovery, she still makes time to keep herself on the grid.

Essential Information

  • Legal Name: Stella
  • Moniker: Synergy
  • Classification: Mage
  • Primary School of Magic: School of Properties
  • Rank: Apprentice
  • Profession: Astrophysics Student
  • Concept: Properties of Magic

Fun Facts

  • Distinctive Features: Burning/Chemical smell, occasionally singed hair. Gorgeous jewelry/attire.
  • Notable Abilities: Astrology. Potions. Enchanting.
  • Titles: None
  • Relationship Status: Unknown
  • Aura: TBD

Concept Music


Synergy’s Swag

  • TBD


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