About the Setting

Magic, as always, is a genre with a wide breadth and eye-catching appeal. In Masters in the Making your characters will find themselves thrust into a modern world, where magic is the stuff of fantasy. Except, well, they know. They know it's real. They can feel it in their veins. But what role does a mage have in this world, with their powers? What's right and what's wrong? 

Luckily they're not left to their own devices too long before they're found and brought to the Hidden Opal. There they will be gifted with resources and guidance to shape them into good mages. But, we find ourselves at that crossroads again. What makes a good mage? If you ask three different people at the college, you'll get three different answers. 

That being said, all of the mages there are able to agree on a few things. Like that there are six schools of magic. And that each mage is born with innate gifts that align mostly with one of those schools. With study, practice, and a bit of luck they can advance in their knowledge and skill and find themselves ascending the ranks. Mages take moving up in rank very seriously. The mage's Archmage must design a challenge for them and the student must pass it. Often times these are great spectacles. The mages don't always make it. 

Dangers lurk outside the walls of the school. As long as there has been magic, there have been those who covet it as well as those who wish to destroy it. Creatures of this world and worlds beyond can be both friend and foe. And let's not forget the dangers of other mages, whether rivals or rogues, it matters not. The path of magic is not one to tread carelessly. 

About the Setting

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