Character Creation

If you’re reading this, it means you’re probably interested in making a character! I’m glad to hear it. There are three steps to the character creation process for this chronicle.

Step One


First thing you’re going to need to do is read all of the information available on the wiki. Then you need to send me a concept! But what all does that entail?

Here’s what we need to get started: 
A name
General Concept/Calling
Desired Moniker
School of Magic
Initial Gift
Powers to Develop

Common Enemies You'd Like to Face

I need this to ensure your PC will fit into my game and aligns with my ideas about what a PC concept is. While overlap will happen, and is totally okay, if I have two nearly identical concepts I will approve the one that I received first and encourage the other player to pitch something new.

Deadline for Concepts is one week from invitation at the latest. 

Step Two


Once you get your concept approved, I would love for you to flesh out your background.

But what should your background include?

  • 1-3 pages of text in a Google Doc. This ensures that it won’t be lost in emails or on a computer and is also easy for us to both view and edit simultaneously.
  • The experiences and events that have shaped your character’s life.
  • Flavor that hints at what motivates and makes up your character.

These things will help me to craft a place for your character in my story that feels organic and important. If you’re having trouble coming up with things I think it’s fun to answer a questionnaire to really get to know the character and use that information to inspire you. Below is a list of some questions that I came up with that may help dissolve that creative block! Once you’ve answered the questions you find relevant to you, you can use your answers to piece together your character’s history. I don’t need the answers, but if you want to post them after your history in the document, be my guest.

What kind of home life did your character have when they were a child? 
Any siblings? 
Where are their parents? 
Are their parents magical, or are they mundane?
How did they first discover their innate gift? 
How did they feel? 
How do they feel about being magical now?
How often do they use magic? And for what?
What areas of school do they excel in? 
What are their interests? 
How do they view people? 
How are they perceived by people? 
Do they have a favorite animal? Color? Food? 
How do they react to stress? 
Do they have any bad triggers or trauma from their past? 
How old are they? 
Is the character a spin off from something, or inspired by something in particular?
What types of training do they have? 
Do they have proficiency with a weapon?
Any encounters with other supernatural beings?
Have they ever witnessed someone/something die?
Do they travel a lot? 
Are they outdoorsy? 
Any domestic skills? 
Are there any themes to their story? Any motifs?

When you have your history ready to submit, I’d also like you take the time to think about and answer the following questions as a player. This helps me to form a good story for you and to ensure that this is a good fit for both player and ST alike.

Player Name: [ex. Brian Ledbetter]
Character Name/Concept/Moniker: [ex. Bob Characterson, a builder with a troubled past; hates figs. His moniker is Figless.]
What You Want Out of This Game: [ex. Have fun, get to enjoy this cool new genre, & play with new players! Make fig jokes]
Things You’d Like Your Character To Experience: [ex. Building an awesome temple, killing some shit, becoming part of a secret society, eliminating figs from the world]
Things You Want Left Out of Your Story: [ex. Romance, Rape, serendipity, and the spotlight. Have fun running that for me, STs!]
Creatures/situations you want them to encounter: [ex. I'm playing a photomancer with a lot of conviction, so I want to vanquish vampires and have situations where my faith is put to the test. ex. I'm not sure where I'm going with it, but I really like the plant motif. Maybe I want to work on protecting the environment, and so I want them to work with dryads and such.]

You don’t need more than a couple sentences for each question, further discussion can be done as we get closer to the game and help to evolve your concept and character.

Your background should go over what has shaped your character, from the mundane to the magical. It should lead up to a point somewhere between the age of 18 and 24. At that point they will be inducted into the college. The only situation in which this will not be the case is if you play a legacy, at that point you need to talk that over with me before you start working too much on your background.  

Deadline for Character Backgrounds two weeks from character approval.

Step Three

Approval and Sheets

Once your history is approved, I will set up a time to work with you on your sheet. Once your sheet is finished, you will be sent your template for the bio. This is to be filled out sometime between your sheet being finished and the first game.

Character Creation

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