The School of the Veil

Though people often refer to the world of magic, this school explores all that is beyond. 

The cosmology of the known universe for mages is a bit hard to describe, but generally it's accepted that there are two worlds, the Mortal Coil and the Spirit World. The Veil is what separates them.  It is the charge of this school to explore the Spirit world, which is far larger than the Mortal Coil, as well as ensure that the Veil itself is kept in tact. 

Their innate gifts are synced with something beyond the Veil, which has garnered them a reputation as other by their peers. Though they are truly mages, a part of them yearns to understand the part of themselves from that other realm. This is why they travel, why they ignore the dangers and explore beyond the safety of the mortal coil. 

To say they are reckless, however, is entirely unfair. After all, they are the ones who travel, and help others do the same. The rules and cultures of the beyond are convoluted and sometimes unknowable, to say the least. Dragons, angels, demons, and countless other denizens from fantasy are all individual cultures that one could spend a lifetime discovering the intricacies of, and still have much to learn. 

Their relationship with other realms and spirits begins with the first spirit most of them encounter. Their familiar. Though not always visible, their arcane guardian is always nearby. Why familiars agree to work with mages from this school is either unknown, or a closely guarded secret by its Masters.

Basic Spells: Astral Projection. Magelight. Small Portal. 

Epithets: Conjurer. Summoner. 

Councilor: Target 

Known Masters: Morrígan

Telltale Signs: Familiars. 

The School of the Veil

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