The School of Fate

Destiny holds great power, but much of the future is mutable to those with the right hands. 

This school is a bit of a paradox, being seen as both the weakest and the strongest of them. On the one hand their active powers are often niche, but at the same time they have the power to see and sometimes change the course of the universe. What greater power is their than to shape the stars? 

This school brings all sorts, from starry-eyed dreamers to silver-tongued prophets. Considered by scholars to have powers with a divine source, it's no wonder that their dealings often carry with them the weight of myth. It's rare to find an oracle who's not been touched by tragedy, for no one's future is all sunshine and rainbows. Anyone telling you that isn't a real Fate mage. 

Most of them start out with the ability to receive messages from the divine, in one form or another. Over time, however, their gifts expand, eventually able to bestow blessings and curses upon those who cross their path. Unfortunately this school is one of the one's whose students rarely make it to Mastery. Something about being an eye into the unseen makes you a bigger target than most over the course of your life. 

The lucky ones see it coming. 

Basic Spells: All coins land on heads/tails. Pull a card you want. Minor oracular guidance. 

Epithets: Oracles. Psychics. Hexers. 

Councilor: Fortune

Known Masters: Sigil

Telltale Signs: TBD

The School of Fate

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