The School of Life

While the other schools may thrive off of the arcane, this one draws power from all that is natural. 

Life magic is simple, in its purest form. It is the magic of being. Of breathing in and out. Of passing on what you know, what you've learned, and of course what you are. Mages from this school have the advantage of being in tune with a source of Life magic from the moment their born. Themselves. 

But everything isn't all healing circles and smiling. Where there is life, there is also the taking of it. The reality of death looms over this school, the natural cycles playing an important part in their studies. Mages of this school have a high respect for life, and are infused with an inhuman amount of vitality. Most of them connect strongly with a natural aspect, usually a plant, animal, or place of magical significance. 

This connection sometimes puts them at odds with mages who are more interested in the arcane, or other worlds. Life mages believe there is greater power in the one they already inhabit, and it is in need of lots of healing itself. Why not turn our attention to there? 

Basic Spells: Make someone queasy. Heal minor wounds. Halt/summon orgasm. 

Epithets: Healers. Shapeshifters. Naturalists. 

Councilor: Prime

Known Masters: Entropy

Telltale Signs: Resistance to magic that alters. 

The School of Life

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