The School of Properties

This school thrives off of two key things: knowledge and application. 

Mages initiated into this school spend a great amount of time trying to understand magic as a science, more than a spiritual way to view the world. This intense focus is what helps them do what it is they do so well, which is essentially creating magic.

While their innate gifts aren't usually as flashy as mages of other schools, they often allow them to tap into and enhance the magic of other things. This is a large part of why this school is famous for its enchanters and alchemists. They're able to apply their understanding to create with both utility and finesse that is unparalleled by all the other schools. If one finds a magical artifact worth while, or is searching for something to take with them into the battlefield, pray that it was created by one from the School of Properties. 

Their magic isn't as instinctive as others', and this can present a problem when out in the field. They need time to prepare. They also tend to carry many things with them, meaning that stealth or packing light is less of an option. Their curiosity to understand magic can also lend them to unintentionally treat other people, or situations, like experiments. This is sometimes met with displeasure.

Basic Spells: Enchantment (specialized materials). Detect Magical Error. Magic Ward. 

Epithets: Alchemists. Enchanters. 

Councilor: Null

Known Masters: Counter

Telltale Signs: Enchanted Swag. 



The School of Properties

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