The School of the Elements

Commanding the elements is more than just a display of power, but is indeed an art form.

The traditional four elements are quite common within this school of magic. But only the shortsighted would believe that these are the only forces at work in the natural world. Not to mention of course, the way the universe likes to bless some mages with connections to multiple forces.

Though it may seem that every mage here has the same magic, just a different flavor, that is anything but the case. Each mage has an element, or mix of elements, that speaks to them. Their relationship to that particular force is unique, and therefore so will their manifestation of its power. Even two mages who share a connection to the same element may have innate gifts that vary wildly. 

Because of this it's hard to determine characteristics and behaviors that actually bring them altogether. Though, most (if not all) of them do take on personality traits that are very much in sync with their element. A stubborn geomancer, the air-headed flier, the hot-tempered pyrokinetic, and the dreamy eyed waterbender are stereotypes with real merit for existing. 

Their connection to their force of nature can be a bit hard to understand if one can't relate. Sure, everyone's magic is an extension of themselves, but this school feels it more than most. 

Basic Spells: Light a Candle. Cool a drink. Whip up wind. 

Epithets: Elementalists. Kinetics.

Councilor: Surge

Known Masters: Warden

Telltale Signs: TBD

The School of the Elements

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