The School of the Mind

Of all the schools, this is the most subtle and the most mistrusted. 

A person's mind is their private refuge from the world. It is sacred. To know that someone can invade or tamper with it sends primal and unforgivable fear through most. No matter how nice, understanding, or helpful a mage of this school is there will always be an air of mistrust from other schools. This is the first lesson they learn.

The second lesson is that knowing one's own mind makes it much easier to know others'. Many people believe that they think differently than others, but any Mind mage can tell you that most people are the same. Anger. Fear. Desire. It's all at the root of everything. Start there and work your way to where you wanna go. 

Self image shapes how a mentalist learns to work with the minds of others. But no matter how they do it, it takes a toll.  Touching your mind to someone else, you can see all the ways that you think and feel the same, as well as all of the coarse differences. 

This school sees both the best and the worst of people. From secret hopes and desires they cling to to keep themselves going, to the horrors and bitter truths that threaten to leave the darkness. When exploring the mind one must be ready to adapt at a moments notice, for the consciousness is rarely steady terrain. 


Basic Spells: Throw your voice. Mindscape. Mental ward. 

Epithets: Mentalists. Illusionists. Telepaths.

Councilor: Candor

Known Masters: 

Telltale Signs: TBD

The School of the Mind

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